born to be beautifulCambridge & District Volunteer Centre via has provided us with an incredible array of very talented and faithful volunteers,  we are so very grateful.

All successful applicants who come to volunteer with us at Born to be Beautiful has their own gifts.  We work in together deciding where each volunteers best fit is,  developing each persons experience coupled with where we have a need.  At the end of time spent with us, volunteers have a great reference,  something extra to put on their CV,  and we have some more work done!   By joining our team you have a huge effect on the people we teach, and change their lives.

Sarah – Trustee, Born to be Beautiful

Photograph taken by professional photographer and Trustee Vanessa Champion

ESOL Café – English classes at Chesterton Community College

We run three exciting and interactive classes for speakers of other languages, particularly local parents, and currently have 6 native speakers who volunteer to support one-to-ESOL cafe classroom 1one teaching, plan resources, help to arrange trips out and take small groups. Our ESOL Café is based on topics and grammar sessions: past tense verbs, food, travelling, music, travelling and houses. There is group work, speaking activities, games and You tube extracts to support the development of confidence in the learners. Our second class – Just Talk!- is for advanced speakers and includes topics such as: discussing British novels, American English, how much CCTV is too much? and how influential are adverts?Our final class is Spoken English for Work which attracts those who want to take an external examination to add to their CV’s.  We also like to have coffee mornings, trips to local museums, punting outings, picnics and parties!There is always space for more learners and volunteers!

Sarah – Tutor, Esol Cafe

Joanne PhancoOrganisation Case Studies